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Name:Doctor who rp adventures
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After being with the doctor most lives have never been the same; no matter how brief the meeting or what memories were taken from you. Since the Doctor has dropped you off something seems to be missing, you try your best to forget about him, your adventures, your past life with him in an attempt to live a normal life.

Until Now...

You wake up in your dark room, something seems off though you can't quite place it. Then you hear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue outside your door. When you swing the door open you realize your not in your home back on earth but what seems to be a hotel from the 1980s. Every corridor changes on a whim, every window locked up tight to prevent an escape. Your trapped; the good news? The doctor is there with you; he's sure to find the way out....eventually.

(This is a dressing room for any and all characters from Doctor Who and the spin offs. You're stuck in the world from 'The God Complex' except without all the aliens trying to feed off your faith. The doors lead to differant places; the ones with Xs are dangerous but be warned that some may not have an X, it just hasn't been descovered just yet.
AUs and OU are allowed...I will accept OCs as well. Anyone is welcome to the game; no apps required. Have fun.)
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